Donk Coin (DONK)

Hyper Liquid RFI Token focused on user rewards with an adaptive community guided road map.

Contract Address: 0x26C3638fF8D0027C904AB085D66b5Da2B8D61FF8

Adaptive token with a hybrid managed community guided future.

Donk Coin is a highly liquid BSC Token with 1.1% RFI charged on transfers/swaps which is then redistributed to all holders. This incentivizes both holding, providing liquidity, and encourages transfers which should lead to an easily swappable token that casts a wide net of different services for cryptos including Donk Token Rankings. A tool to find and rank the most interesting projects on both BSC and ERC chains with a fair score to increase value in the entire token ecosystem.

We plan to be one of the most liquid BEP20 tokens and eventually be redeemable for USD or BTC directly through the Donk Network.

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Scam Protection

Donk Coin is uniquely invested in protecting our users from scams, our anti-scam department is actively searching and debunking scamming or fraudulent projects designed to steal money. If you have a project that may be a scam feel free to alert us at

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To facilitate our DeCe community guided future we are currently working on Future Donk Upgrades (FDU’s), this will allow us to continue being hyper adaptable to the ever changing crypto market.


12/3/21: Main liquidity locked with Mudra.

11/3/21: CoinMarketCap listing submitted.

9/30/21: Marketing campaign begins.

6/19/21: Donk Token Rankings created.

4/23/21: Donk Coin migrated to pancakeswap V2

4/19/21: User Rewards beta launched.

4/3/21: Donk Lottery is live.

3/30/21: Whitepaper released.

1.1% RFI to all users

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Contract Address: 0x26C3638fF8D0027C904AB085D66b5Da2B8D61FF8